We recently attended the Women in Design: Connecting Purpose & Place event hosted by Mosaic Architects and the 15th Street Design District. In an intimate and candid conversation, these women shared some of their thoughts on connecting purpose and place. Below are a few of the insights that emerged.

  • Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.41.43 AMINSPIRATION & PROCESS
    Jane Snyder (Founding Principal of Mosaic Architects + Interiors)
    Jane Snyder loves the process of design. Driven by client vision, she attributes her creative inspiration to the connections she makes with people and helping them feel connected to their homes.
  • HMH_BullwinkleHarris_AndrewPoguePhotography-003MODERN ARCHITECTURE REDUX
    Cherie Goff (Owner of HMH Architecture + Interiors)
    Cherie explained the fundamental principles of Modern Architecture and how rethinking clean functional spaces can improve life – allowing us to recharge and reconnect to family and nature.
  • 1-constructionMORE THAN ARCHITECTURE
    Jade Polizzi (Senior Instructor @ CU Environmental Design Program)
    Jade believes that students learn best when they feel like they are actively working on real life problems. Through her design-build classes, her students experience the entire construction and design process, while earning recognition and respect from peers.
    Renée del Gaudio (Owner of Renée del Gaudio Architecture)
    Renée explained her appreciation for local craftsmanship and locally sourced materials. She believes these elements combine into a distinct, regional architecture that appeals to her sensibilities.
    Elizabeth Ochner (Lead Landscape Architect at Native Edge Landscapes)
    Elizabeth experiences place in a sensory way and believes that when nature and art are combined with the dictates of the land, magical places result—sustainable places for family play, celebration or contemplation.
  • new-harmony-01THE HISTORY OF PLACE
    Marcy Cameron (City of Boulder Historic Preservation Planner)
    Marcy urged us to take a look at what connects us to our diverse pasts and transforms communities from places where we live into places that we love.

The discussion was honest, authentic, and relatable. It was inspiring to see a panel of women who are challenging the status quo, leading teams, and contributing innovative solutions to our industry and beyond. As women, we tend to overlook our own brilliance. The panelists’ accomplishments were a reminder of why we should own our brilliance and bring it to the world. A big thanks to Mosaic Architects and the 15th Street Design District for putting together such a great event.

Monday, April 4
5:30-7:30 pm
Boulder Public Library – Canyon Theater
1001 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder

Join us for evening with women leaders in our local design community.

Women in Design: Connecting Purpose + Place is intended to create an open framework for each speaker to share her personal interpretation of the intertwining of Purpose + Place, whether it be through her own work, her work’s inspiration, or other connectedness to the world in which we live.


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Following the presentation, please join us at the St. Julien Hotel (right across the street!) for cocktails and nibbles. We’ll be sharing ideas, shaping the future and strengthening our design community. All are welcome.