Please ‪Vote No on 300 & 301. We believe Boulder wins when we work together as one community to manage our growth responsibly and meet our environmental, housing and transportation goals. But ballot initiatives 300 & 301 undermine that vision.

NO on Ballot Initiative 300!

The “Neighborhoods Right to Vote” proposes to divide the community into undefined neighborhood voting districts. It would allow a tiny minority of people to force an election on virtually any zoning change – undermining community-wide planning, costing taxpayers unnecessary election costs and resulting in less revenue for police, fire and other essential services.

  • Pits neighbor against neighbor, and Boulder neighborhoods against each other.
  • Divides Boulder into voting districts that include 66 specified neighborhoods.
  • Just 10% of the voters in a neighborhood may call an expensive election that your tax dollars will fund.


NO on Ballot Initiative 301!

Just like the “Taxpayers Bill of Rights” TABOR amendment that has crippled the state budgeting process the “New Development Shall Pay Its Own Way” amendment is a cleverly worded recipe for unintended consequences. It writes an undefined fee on new development into the City Charter that would effectively shut down Boulder until the courts resolve the disputed language.

  • Even proponents have admitted it would lead to lawsuits and the City Attorney has recommended halting all building permits (including new homes) if 301 passes.
  • Negatively impacts jobs, small businesses and the economy.
  • Current significant fees from development already fund vital projects and services.