Sustainable architecture & interior design is a complicated, multi-layered task. Designers need to consider materials, construction, performance and provenance of everything, as well as maintenance and afterlife – social sustainability is critical too.

At HMH, we embrace this challenge with an innovative spirit, crafting homes that blend with Colorado’s natural beauty while meeting the diverse needs of our clients. Our commitment to sustainability is exemplified through our projects.

Sustainability as a Core Principle:

Sustainability lies at the heart of HMH’s design philosophy. From energy-efficient materials to passive solar design principles, we integrate eco-friendly practices into every stage of home construction. By prioritizing renewable energy solutions and reducing environmental impact, we not only benefit the planet but also provide long-term energy savings for our clients.

Values in Action:

Reuse of Foundation

Reusing the foundation minimized environmental impact, showcasing sustainability by decreasing our use of concrete which is a high contributor to global CO2 emissions.

Moving Beyond Gas Dependence

Opting for alternatives to gas, like wood-burning or vapor fireplaces, and induction instead of gas burners, aligns with sustainability goals and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Geothermal radiant heating & cooling solutions offer homeowners a cutting-edge alternative to traditional HVAC systems, reducing energy consumption while enhancing indoor comfort year-round.

Reusing Century-Old Wood

Reusing century-old wood from the original structure as the new flooring adds charm, history, and sustainability, reducing waste and preserving resources, blending heritage with style.

Embracing the Landscape:

Colorado’s stunning natural scenery serves as a guiding force for HMH designers. Recognizing the importance of environmental preservation, we strive to design homes that not only enhance but also harmonize with the surrounding landscape. Whether nestled among the majestic Rocky Mountains or overlooking tranquil lakeshores, our residences are thoughtfully integrated into their environments, offering panoramic views and a sense of organic connection.

Values in Action:

Site Analysis

Thorough site analysis optimizes placement and design, harnessing sunlight’s power efficiently to inform sustainable building practices and energy-efficient solutions.

Immersive Living Experience

Blue Sky Vista’s cantilevered design offers panoramic mountain views, seamlessly integrating with the landscape to create an immersive living experience.

Quality Over Quantity:

At HMH, we prioritize quality over quantity in every aspect of our designs. Rejecting the notion that bigger is always better, we advocate for spaces tailored to our clients’ lifestyles. Rather than focusing solely on square footage, we emphasize features that promote well-being, such as ample daylight, seamless indoor-outdoor transitions, and intuitive layouts. By maximizing space efficiency and encouraging multi-functional rooms, we challenge conventional norms and promote responsible resource usage.

Values in Action:

Smaller Homes

Blue Sky Vista offers a surprisingly spacious living experience, maximizing every square foot to create a comfortable and functional home that feels much larger than its size suggests.

Optimizing Secondary Spaces

Optimizing secondary spaces such as bedrooms and offices enables a greater allocation of square footage to communal areas, promoting social interaction and enhancing the functionality of the home.

Adapting to Colorado’s Seasons:

Colorado’s diverse climate requires adaptable design solutions. Our homes are meticulously crafted to withstand harsh winters and sweltering summers, ensuring year-round comfort for residents. Through efficient heating systems, robust insulation, and thoughtful ventilation strategies, we create spaces that remain resilient in the face of changing weather conditions.

Values in Action:

Blurring Indoor-Outdoor Boundaries

Expansive windows capture mountain views, while heated outdoor spaces blur indoor-outdoor boundaries, enhancing Colorado living with seamless transitions and year-round enjoyment.

Harmonizing with Nature

Outdoor patios provide an oasis that harmonizes with nature while enhancing outdoor living.

Custom Craftsmanship and Artistry:

Collaboration with local craftsmen and artisans is central to HMH’s approach. By harnessing Colorado’s rich tradition of craftsmanship, we infuse each home with bespoke details and unique touches. From handcrafted woodwork to locally sourced materials, these collaborations add authenticity and character to every residence.

In addition, by choosing furniture crafted by local artisans, we avoid the complications of shipping from Europe and prioritize sustainability by using locally available materials and fabrics that include recycled content. These pieces are built to last for generations, unlike products from Wayfair or Room and Board that often end up in landfills within 10 years.

Values in Action:

Custom Credenza

Our partnership local craftsmen supports local artisans while ensuring personalized attention to detail and superior craftsmanship. The result? A bespoke piece that add character to the space.

Custom Game Table

Collaborating with local craftsmen resulted in a unique, high-quality game table tailored to our client’s individual taste.

Build Something You Love:

Building something you love is the most sustainable thing one can do in construction. Build a home that you will love. Build a home that your children will love. When people love their homes, they care for them and don’t change them. Do not build a new home to renovate your kitchen in five years. Build a house with which you are happy. Build a home of which you are proud.

Values in Action:

Foothills Sanctuary

The enduring quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of a timeless design ensured that a kitchen renovation remained unnecessary for a span of 35 years.

Upside Down Home

The timeless design of the house has endured, remaining unchanged and retaining its appeal across three different owners.

By prioritizing values such as quality craftsmanship, material reuse, renewable energy, and building longevity, HMH continues to set the standard for sustainable architecture and interior design in Colorado. Our homes not only reflect our commitment to environmental responsibility but also provide enduring comfort and beauty for generations to come.