Stephanie Bingham

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Stephanie Bingham works closely with the HMH team on a variety of tasks. Her skills and experience enable her to handle the firm’s marketing efforts, while remaining the backbone of the day-to-day operations. An accomplished print and Web designer, Stephanie is consumed with a passion for blending beauty with business. She understands the importance of knowing the long-term vision of a company and how to accurately and consistently reflect and strengthen that message in all visual and written communications.

Her childhood years were spent in Boulder, with long hours discussing the merits of the Big Wheel vs. The Green Machine. Then came the 90s in Bay Area — Grunge music, flannel shirts. Inspired by the tech boom in the Silicon Valley, she received her Bachelor’s from the San Jose State University and quickly got into designing on Macs. In 1997, Stephanie moved back to Boulder and has since led campaigns for a diverse roster of clients and employers.