The Sloans Vista modern home, is a well considered home that expresses the artistic side of the homeowner. It is a collection of experiential spaces seamlessly joined together. A mix of textures softens clean, masculine edges. And a palette of neutrals is accented expertly with hints of bright color.

  • On the exterior, the staircase tower takes the spotlight as a large anchoring mass. Made of brick, it represence permanence while tying into neighborhood’s material context. This anchor frees the modern forms on either side to play out their personalities while maintaining the larger parti of 2+1.
  • Inside the tower, the staircase retains the folding shapes, but on a smaller scale. The perforated panels allow the stair to breath and filter light from a massive sky light above. The effect is an anchoring “root” of 2 twisting forms— the lower stair grows from the foundation, weighting the sculpture, while the upper stairs flare skyward, beckoning the observer upward.
  • The weather and mountain views of Denver are unrivaled— thus the last main feature of the house is an extensive rooftop deck. This last moves completes the house experience from outside, inside and back out again— from bottom to top.