Remodels & Additions

Remodeling breathes new life into a house. And while choosing to remodel involves investment, it’s also an expression of the emotional connection we have to our homes.

We’ve enjoyed the house, like the neighborhood, built a life there, but the current space isn’t serving our lifestyle today. And maybe an accretion of previous alterations to the house has made circulation a mess or otherwise compromised the place.

At HMH Architecture + Interiors we see residential remodeling as a chance to fix the house. By gathering spaces together, re-routing circulation intelligently, and re-envisioning the space around your specific needs, we can transform the utility and beauty of your home, often without the need for a large addition.

We start with a thorough consultation with you and explore your residential patterns. How do you use your house on the six fundamental home activities:

  • Sleep
  • Bathe
  • Cook
  • Interact
  • Enjoy Quiet
  • Respond to Media

How do you wish your house served you better? Where in your house do you spend most of your time? We then set to work designing a three dimensional response to these patterns and expression of your dreams and aesthetic.

We believe that when we remodel well, we’re making the world a better place. You’re remodeling your house for yourself, of course, but you’re also leaving something better than you found it. We look forward to collaborating with you on this inherently satisfying work.