Stephanie came out from behind the curtain and shared her personal leadership journey as one of the Lightening Rod Speakers at the Business Women’s Leadership Group: Reconnect & Revitalize Women’s Expo at on November 15th! Her talk focused on the many hats she wears at HMH, the team of people that brought where she is today, and her experience and passion for community. The evening of recognizing the power of female business leadership was inspiring and empowering.

The event showcased 20 women-owned businesses and 4 lightning rod speakers. Each speaker was given 10 minutes to tell their story. This included anything from insights or lessons learned as a leader and business women; insights from life/work/personal experiences etc.

Speakers during the Women’s Expo included:

  • Caroline Kert, Art Biz Life Legal Counsel
  • Stephanie Bingham, HMH Architecture + Interiors
  • Donna Basden, Boulder Medical Center
  • Patty Breech, The Purpose Collective.

Cynthis Case, Business Women’s Leadership Group, Chair Emeritus
We want women to be supported in our community. We each have a story that is unique, and we need everyone to build a better future together. This event is our time to network together, learn from each other, share our insights, and grow both personally and professionally with women in our community.