In summer, the best seat in the house is outside — especially at mealtime. Whether it’s a deck, patio, porch, or sun room, if you have an outdoor living area, you need to furnish it. Outdoor furniture comes in many varieties and price ranges. Depending on your needs and style, you can select from full sets to individual pieces. Take a peek at some of our favorites.

    Anchor your outdoor dining area with a sturdy table and chairs and it will feel all the more like an inviting outdoor room. Look for a table that’s large enough for your family plus a few drop-ins. Chairs should encourage lingering (extra pillows help).

    Montego Table and Cruz Chairs
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    Las Palmas
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    Emmet Grey Lounge Chairs
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  • PORCH.
    With warm weather upon us, there are few better places to sit and relax than the front porch. Whether it’s a sweeping, wrap around balcony or a cozy nook off the entryway of your home, a warm and welcoming porch brings indoor comforts outside, making it the perfect place to unwind with a cup of coffee or catch up with friends and neighbors. Plus, a well-maintained porch can actually boost curb appeal, making your home feel more inviting from off the street

    SwingLab Modular Swing
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    Lebello Chair 6
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  • POOL.
    Pool furniture should be designed for easy repositioning so both sun lovers and shade seekers can find the right spot as the day progresses. Wheeled chaises are a smart pick because they can be rotated easily and silently.As for fabrics, the best is solution-dyed acrylic. It’s inherently mildew- and fade-resistant. Weather-treated polyester, a more economical alternative, is a solid runner-up. Opt for light-colored fabrics, which absorb less heat.

    Racquet Club
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    Gehry Collection
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    Cute patio furniture for kids is a great addition to your family’s backyard and will make any outdoor event feel fun and welcoming for people of all ages.There’s a lot more to kids’ patio furniture than just taking outdoor furniture, designed for adults, and scaling it down to a more comfortable kid-size. For kids, much of the joy they take out of their environment is entwined with how inspiring and colorful that environment is. A fun and brightly-colored outdoor dining set, built to withstand playtime with even the most energetic youngsters, is much more ideal for your child’s patio than a scaled-down version of a more “sophisticated” and “grown-up” set.

    Eames Elephants
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