Security Officer

Izze joined HMH in 2010 as the company´s first Security Officer. She has years of experience protecting humans and their property. Her days are spent sleeping, lounging and protecting the office staff from the dreaded Mail man. A prolific bone-stealer, no dog’s bone is safe around Izze. She loves people, and always enjoys introducing herself to visitors. Should you ever visit HMH, you’ll be sure to have a loving welcome.

Naptime Operations Director

Lula is a small but mighty Bichon, with a super laid back personality. Don’t let her size fool you. Her favorite activities include swimming, standup paddle boarding and rolling in the mud. She also loves to go shopping with mom in her Vera Bradley doggy purse. While at HMH, you will find Lula sitting under Cherie’s desk, in the beanbag chair. Lula is definitely a mamas girl, but will steal your heart once you get to know her!