An alter ego in Latin means “the second I” –
another, very different version of you, trapped
inside and waiting to come out.

As a part of a compound, this existing barn structure has been transformed into a modern guesthouse. While the main house and other buildings on this compound are traditional in style, the modern style barn caters to the client’s modernist alter ego.

The exterior retains the classic barn appearance; with the addition of carefully placed windows and industrial-looking Corten steel siding. The introduction of a large dormer to the center of the structure was a simple move, but provided multiple functions:

  • Breaks up the 8’-0” ceiling on the main floor, letting in additional daylight and providing visual relief to the otherwise low ceiling.
  • Creates circulation space with the rustic steel stair and bridge.
  • Visually connects the two upstairs bedrooms with the main floor.

The focus of the interior was to provide clean lines while accentuating the barn features:

  • The exposed steel beam was left unfinished and the new steel stair was left raw.
  • Recycled wood accents the vaulted ceiling and clads a custom sliding barn door.
  • Traditional subway tile and penny rounds contrast with the modern, clean lines of the kitchen and bathrooms.