Freedom. Light. Air. Transparency. Spaciousness. Function. These are the hallmarks of modern design that inform the holistic sensibility of our work here at HMH. From interior to exterior treatments and site planning considerations beyond, we aim to integrate all aspects of a home in order to support a modern lifestyle within it.


We feel the best designs are those carefully developed to include signature moments which punctuate the experience of a home. These designs evolve best over time, with intensive input from our clients and diligent execution of details. Our goal is to produce designs that become classic in any style or genre we choose to explore.


We advocate for superior quality in the detailing, materials, and construction of the homes we design. This is because we believe that a custom home should be enduring and increase in value as it ages. In this, we aim to generate designs that set the tone for excellence and have a life beyond the latest trend.