Over it’s 100-year history, a series of haphazard renovations left this Boulder home disjointed in form and function, but with a comprehensive renovation plan, HMH Architecture + Interiors reinstated a sense of connection.


When a young family approached HMH about renovating their early-1900s cottage in Boulder’s beloved Newlands neighborhood, their request was simple: to restore a functional sense of flow to the home’s interiors.

The home had a classic case of good bones and great location, but it “just felt very disconnected and not at a similar scale throughout at all…It was really just kind of a hodgepodge of spaces,” as Alex Griffin, designer at HMH, puts it.

With “clean, modern, open, and functional,” as their North Star, HMH created a holistic plan that would not just unify the home’s layout, but bring the structure up to present-day efficiency and connect indoors and out. Working with local builder, Cottonwood Custom Homes, they began by taking the house down to the studs.

“Once we brought a structural engineer on board, the expansion possibilities became more significant,” reflects Alex. “It was just like, ‘Look what we can do with this place!’”