When asking people what matters most in their lives, they usually offer up values like friendship, health and happiness. Even though people might not mention it at first, daylight certainly does a great deal to keep us healthy and happy, enriching our everyday lives. So daylight does, indeed, matter to all of us, although we only become acutely aware of this fact when it is lacking.

While most people spend the majority of life indoors, we crave that connection to the natural world that sunlight brings. It’s more than just vitamin D – the pull of a view outside and access to daylight is built into our psyche. It triggers our circadian rhythms and contributes to our health and well-being.

If there is one consistency among modern architecture, it’s an abundance of nice, generous windows. Nothing says inspiring, healthy living like ample daylight, fresh air, and views. These projects are some of our favorite examples of lighting at its best. Which is your favorite?

Happy Daylight Savings! We hope you all get out and enjoy an extra hour of daylight!