Kristin Nothwehr
Architectural Designer

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Kristin hails from rural Iowa – a place where both the built environment and landscape are subservient to the production of agriculture. Growing up surrounded by barns, bins and farmhouses, she developed an early appreciation for the beauty of simple forms derived purely from function.

Kristin attended Yale University, studying architecture and literature before moving to New York City. In 2013, she returned to Yale and earned her M.Arch degree, which fittingly culminated in a thesis project for a Farmer’s Co-op in her hometown. After graduate school, she went on to work in Brussels, BE and back to New York, where she gained experience on a wide array of projects including museums, galleries & single-family homes.

Kristin joined the HMH team in 2020, bringing with her a strong design sensibility coupled with an rigorous approach to detailing. She sees architecture as the outcome of a collaboration between clients, colleagues and contractors – starting from a strong design concept and taking shape through the hundreds of small decisions that give it form.