• Jennifer Egbert - Modern Luxury Real EstateBuilding and remodeling in Boulder can be tricky, how can a real estate agent be helpful?
    I am IN the Modern Luxury Real Estate business, everyday. I know the ins and outs of challenges that come up when deciding to build, who to speak to; builders, inspectors, people at the City of Boulder, engineers etc.
  • When do you like to get an architect involved in evaluating a site?
    I personally like the relationship to be established pretty early on. I find that when our clients can sit down with their architect early, they learn so much more about any potential property that they’re going to design. The architects will see things that the layperson would not.
  • What do home owners need to know about properties in Boulder and Boulder County?
    We have so many restrictions. Residents already know that, for the most part. Folks who are relocating need to know that, as well. Also, check the new conveyance maps for flood zones.
  • What is the average ratio between listing price and selling price?
    Right now? 98%-110%. Its hyper-competitive out there.
  • How long have you been selling real estate in Boulder?
    Since 2002
  • Can you tell me about your last three deals?
  • One family who is building an awesome modern-luxury home in the new Trailhead development at 4th and Mapleton. Their criteria was to build a home that would stand the test of time, visually and architecturally.
  • One family who is building an award winning modern-luxury home. They’re pulling out all the stops and going so far as to incorporate Aqua Culture in the home for their permaculture needs.
  • I am doing design consultation on a spec home that our client is building called, ‘The Passivhaus‘. It will be on thirteen acres very close to town (2 minutes from Lee Hill and Broadway) but far enough out that you’ll think you’re in the middle of nowhere. Uber modern, allergy-free, 6100 sqft. It will be something for Boulder to be excited about.
  • What’s your URL?
    . We use professional photographers for all of our listings; nothing less.
    Our social media venues are:
  • Jennifer Egbert - Modern Luxury Real Estate twitter.com/jenniferegbert





  • What’s your batting average?
    In real estate? Here’s what I find; When I take the time to vet potential clients, we have a wonderful experience. I have had the great fortune of working with people over and over again. I don’t know if the general public knows how fulfilling it is to have repeat clients and to receive referrals from them. Its why I walk out the front door, every day.
  • How do you get paid?
    This is a great question! I work 100% on commission. In Colorado, the Seller pays a agreed upon commission, to me. From that commission, I pay the Buyer’s Agent a marketed percentage of that total amount. So say 8 oranges becomes 4. From the extra 4 oranges that I have left over, I pay my brokerage (say 2 oranges). Then I pay taxes and then I pay my staff and then myself. I never get paid until the entire deal is complete and everyone has signed their paperwork. Sounds fun, huh?
  • Can you let us in on any secrets?
    Smile. Play. Life is short, love deeply.