We look forward to this time of year. The parties, good cheer and glad tidings were fun, but it’s time for wish lists, ideas and resolutions for the year ahead. HMH’s wish is for all of us to improve our relationships with our homes.

Cherie Goff


I wish we all find just the right amount of home we need.
Not too small, not too big.

When the house is too big you’re looking at underutilized space, higher mortgage payments, higher taxes and insurance, more rooms to furnish, and more time and energy to maintain. But building a house that’s too small (and the tiny house trend is BIG right now) has its drawbacks.

When it comes to building a house, it’s about creating beautiful, multi-functional spaces that are adaptable to a changing lifestyle. I want to create spaces that people want to be in — and live in for years.

Harvey Hine


I wish that that we all keep it simple.

Where we live should reflect who we are. Lets hold onto items are important to us and not worry about what is dated or trendy. Architecture and interior design should be honest and true.

Neal Evers


I wish that our homes bond with and become inseparable from their land.

Whether it’s Palladio’s Villa Rotunda or Wright’s Fallingwater or anything else, all good homes start with an inexorable bond with the land they are part of. Form, color, view, topography, landscape etc. are all elements that inform and influence a home’s architecture.

Lauren Folkerts


I wish that we all prioritize health conscious design.

Sustainability and energy conservation don’t need to require compromise. We can make our homes and the word around us better with every material choice we make. There are carpets that can help improve indoor air quality, no-VOC paints that come in wonderful colors, and exterior materials that a durable enough to last a lifetime. These products are no longer considered niche, but have become readily available (even at your local hardware store). The myriad of sustainable materials to choose from is exploding! These choices may be a no brainer for people with multiple chemical sensitivities, or those of us who are concerned about our carbon footprints, but quality building materials hold up better over time, allowing you to stress less and live more. How often do you get that kind of win-win?

Leah Civiok


I wish that our homes encourage a
playful connection to nature and the outdoors.

As we see a greater demand for indoor outdoor design and great advances in door and window design; I would love to embrace the opportunity to not only create spaces of refuge but spaces that encourage gathering and enliven your spirit.

Graham Bowman


I wish that we all acknowledge the importance of detail.

With all buildings, their success or failure often comes down to the smallest details. It is incredibly difficult to describe these in words alone, therefore we fall on our skill of drawing to convey this. These details, however small, are extremely important to the outcome of every project. And for me, taking care to better detail projects is a definite New Year’s resolution.

Stephanie Bingham


I wish that we all have fun making houses into homes.

All too often we see clients getting bogged down with worrying about whether or not they’re making the right decision, if they’re spending too much money, if they’ll like the end result, etc. All I can say is, stop! You have hired a good team in HMH, you’ve communicated your needs and limits, trust in their judgments and enjoy the ride. You’ll find that you can really have a good time and create a memorable home without all the angst.