With COVID-19, most of us have had some unexpected free time due to the lack of a commute while working from home and event cancellations. We asked the HMH crew how they have been spending their spare time, and they provided very interesting responses and pictures depicting their hobbies. Check out the pictures below to see what they’ve been up to!

Cherie Goff



Foraging has led Lindsay to explore some unique environments and become more connected with nature. It perfectly combines her love of the outdoors and delicious food.

Cherie Goff



Alex moved into his new pad in August, and couldn’t wait to start making it like home. The expanses of empty walls staring at him inspired his plywood painting artwork hobby! He has filled his walls with several fun and colorful statement pieces. Check out his abstract map of New Orleans!

Cherie Goff



Kristin loves to boulder outside as much as she can. A perfect weekday starts with an early morning session at Flagstaff before heading to the office.

Cherie Goff


#cooking #hiking #travel

Most recently, Cherie’s free time was consumed with designing and building her new house! Her new kitchen functions so much better, she now enjoys preparing delicious, healthy food and losing herself in the rituals of chopping, stirring and tasting. An avid hiker and traveler, she is really looking forward to getting out and exploring new landscapes, cultures and architecture post-pandemic.

Stephanie Bingham


#gardening  #flyfishing  #pool

Stephanie is working on a backyard oasis, including beds, a veggie garden, and some flowers. Fishing, hiking and camping with her family during the Summer win top spots in her free time. Oh and yah…shooting pool, she used to play league…seriously.

Lauren Folkerts



Lauren loves to explore by foot, bike, and van. Traveling more slowly to not-so-distant lands gives her the opportunity to follow her whims, find hidden gems, and enjoy the “off season.” Real van life includes plenty of extra challenges, but there is nothing she love more than adventuring with her van, her man, and her dog.

Graham Bowman


#mountainbiking #music #doodling

According to Jack there is no such thing as a boring Mountain Bike trail. From alpine landscapes to vast deserts, trail systems weave you through the best landscapes nature has to offer. When he’s ready to relax, out come the guitars – he writes and plays and we love the Zentangles found throughout his notebooks!

Leah Civiok


#golf #biking #happyhour

With more free time available, Leah decided this was the perfect time to check out golf. Green grass, cool breeze, stick and ball. Bliss. When she’s not practicing golf, she loves to bike, and since moving to Colorado she answers its call any chance she gets. She also loves being a dog mom, a good happy hour and all things good food!

Harvey Hine


#1970jaguar #jewelrydesign

Harvey (and Izze!) have been working on his beloved 1970 Jaguar for almost a year. Everything needs work so this will keep them busy for many years. The process is the fun part! Harvey also dabbles in jewelry design – his pieces are endlessly unforgettable.