HMH would not be the fun & smart design firm that it is without our talented staff. Get to know a little more about Stephanie with 6 questions from HMH.

List 5 hashtags that describe your personality:
#designlife #oracle #makingthingshappen #familyfirst #sláinte

Favorite firm/designer/architect to follow:

Best architecture/design tip.
Quantity is rarely matched by quality. Stop thinking in terms of square footage and start thinking about what will fit your lifestyle and make you feel good – more daylight, good ­connections to the outdoors, an ­intuitive layout.

What would you most like to design?
I’d like to see “Bestie Row” in Boulder…

Where is your ‘happy place’ in Boulder?
Boulder IS my happy place. I grew up here, and though I’ve lived in other cities from time to time, Boulder is  where I thrive.

Secret Talent?
I could probably beat you in a game of pool.