HMH would not be the fun & smart design firm that it is without our talented staff. Get to know a little more about Lauren with 6 questions from HMH.

List 5 hashtags that describe your personality:
#vanlife #sunsetjunkie #wabisabistyle #chosemountains #explore

Favorite firm/designer/architect to follow:
Olson Kundig

Best architecture/design tip.
Give yourself space and time to enjoy the process and let things evolve. The best projects come from the shared exploration of unexpected opportunities and impossible dreams.

What would you most like to design?
An off the grid cabin

Where is your ‘happy place’ in Boulder?
I love my SOBO neighborhood, shout out to Southside Walnut Cafe and Southern Sun, but really anywhere with a cool breeze, warm sunshine, my man, and my dog

Secret Talent?
Singing the words wrong to my favorite songs.