Award of Distinction (Interior Architecture) – Modern Mountain Cabin

Bear Peak, a picturesque summit in the Front Range Mountains, has long been a fresh-air getaway for Boulderites. Its location is close enough to downtown Boulder for commuting and removed enough to enjoy some peace and quiet after a day at work. But many of the homes in the area resemble cheap timber lodges—and that worn-out look wasn’t what this tech industry, start-up couple had in mind for themselves.

Our team preserved the best aspects of the original house and improved upon the rest – transforming the ”funky 80s mountain lodge” to the mountain-modern home the clients wanted. This mountain retreat reflects a harmonious flow between indoors and out that makes it perfectly in tune with its surrounding natural environment. The architecture and design are characterized by a rustic-modern aesthetic that meshes beautifully with the site. Every detail is well planned and articulated, celebrating the mountain lifestyle these homeowners yearn for.

We incorporated unparalleled levels of storage and functionality throughout the space without compromising usability.

Project Goals & Challenges

  1. Redesign an open floor plan, including the stair location, to open up the house. An outdated floor plan took creativity and an open mind to resolve.
  2. Design spaces that are modern, functional and inviting. Finding the right balance of colors, textures and built-ins to take the home from ‘80s-mountain-hunting-lodge’ to modern-mountain-chic
  3. Design a master suite that is unique, modern and luxurious
  4. A budget and desire to keep all of the existing exterior structure
  5. Establish a strong connection between internal and external spaces

The biggest challenge was opening up the divided spaces and creating an interior that matches today’s lifestyle. The house had honey-oak cabinetry, popcorn ceilings and was worn and dilapidated. The rooms were compartmentalized into a sequence of inefficient spaces. The entryway lacked presence and the kitchen was dark and dated.

The new design included rearranging the entry sequence, kitchen flow and bedrooms to open up the home and create dual-use spaces. No single room follows norms of the past, or present. Wood and steel are used throughout and the updated color palette incorporates dark tones to give weight and depth.

The new design addresses the context of the mountain setting and respects it’s 1980s origin. The spaces feel relaxed, comfortable and at peace with the surrounding landscape. By collaborating with the homeowner, we were able to bounce ideas off one another; resulting in a space we are all proud of.


Removing walls, vaulting the ceiling and rearranging the kitchen flow to open up the home resulted in a light, airy and open feeling. The color palette incorporates rich steel-panel cabinets, complimented by sueded stone countertops giving the space weight and depth.

This custom metal/brass bar is perfect for entertaining family and guests.


Creating a beautiful home isn’t just about impressing guests and surrounding yourself with pretty things. It’s about creating spaces to feel relaxed, comfortable and at peace.

This dining area has a sophisticated modern style and shows the comfort & elegance of living in Colorado.


Instead of a basic doorway between the master bedroom and bath, we designed a divider wall that visually enlarges the space.


Much of the house is walk out basement and our goal was to make this space as beautiful as the rest of the house. A cozy and comfortable guest bedroom is key to making sure guests feel
welcome in your home.

Having the entry on the basement level was a challenge that we resolved with a sculptural staircase.