HMH Architecture + Interiors and the “Dream Home” of Rosenthal/Friedlander  were featured for a second time on The article titled “Reflection Pools as Liquid Assets” features different successfully designed reflecting pools.

“To infinity (almost) and beyond! What a great way to emphasize the endless view in the distance. This long, narrow raised pool exaggerates the stunning vistas. The edging is perfect for impromptu sitting, maybe for a moment of meditation or longer.”

The reflecting pool featured in the article was designed by HMH Architecture and Interiors as a continuation of a 160-foot long wall that organizes the architecture and landscape. At the entry to the house the long wall is used as the threshold between the court and the interiors. Inside, the wall displays art and leads you to the living room. Beyond the living room, the wall continues to form a narrow reflecting pool.

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