HMH Architecture + Interiors and the Dream Home of Rosenthal/Friedlander were recently featured on in an article featuring modern architecture using stucco finishes.

Architects have many more materials at their disposal today to achieve the clean lines of modern architecture, but stucco still finds a place, especially in climates conducive to it, such as California or the desert Southwest. Yet the homogeneity of last century’s International style is eschewed in favor of modern forms balanced with vernacular considerations, such as climate, views and color. Stucco is often also used alongside other materials on the exterior surface.

“This house in Colorado uses stucco for most of the exterior walls, as well as a solid wall that defines the front of the property. But note the wall that bisects the house; this wall continues inside to become an “art wall.” It takes on further significance by being of a different texture and color than the white stucco walls.”

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