Hey friends! Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the grand opening of our new studio last night. The official ribbon cutting ceremony happened on Wednesday afternoon, November 13, 2019, followed by tours, giveaways, and lots of tasty snacks at various studios in the 15th Street Design District.

We had no idea what kind of turnout to expect, and we decided that if 100 people showed up then we would consider the event a success. While we don’t have exact numbers, the actual crowed ended up being closer to 300!

Throughout the evening, we raised funds to benefit an organization called NIVAS. The fundraiser ended up exceeding our expectations – WE RAISED OVER $5k – enough to build a house for a family in Nepal! Together we are helping them build a new future for themselves and their kids through collaboration, homeownership, and investing in their ability to create a sustainable future for their family.

Psst: If you want to see what this money will help build, click here!

While it was a busy evening for our staff (to put it mildly), we were thrilled and flattered to be able to share our celebration with our community. Please enjoy a few of the highlights, and remember that if you’re ever in the 15th Street Design District area then you’re welcome to stop by and ask for a tour.

Thanks again to everyone who came.