Imagine your new home, custom designed cabinets, the latest appliances, walls with new paint, and a floor plan that makes sense – a home free from any hidden maintenance issues. Imagine the thrill of knowing this home was built just for you!

Now imagine moving in with all your stuff – do you really want to move that old exercise equipment that has been gathering dust? Or that old/damaged furniture that you’ve been promising to repair for years?

Preparing for move can bring a fresh revelation of how much stuff you truly own. When closets are opened, attics are emptied and garages are sorted, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at what to do with all the extra things you don’t really need.

Our suggestion: get help — from a professional organizer.

Enter Organization & Relocation

Organization & Relocation is a team of experienced professional organizers who will integrate your belongings with organizational systems tailored to YOUR needs and lifestyle. They transform what would be a tension-filled and time-consuming process into an inspiring and stress-free experience.

Here are some essential elements of getting ready for moving house, so that you feel organized, ready, and excited for a new beginning.

Organization & Relocation

5 Tips for getting ready to move into your new home

  1. Evaluate the amount of stuff – You may think you live clutter free, but have you looked deep into those drawers and every closet lately? This is a great opportunity to get rid of unused broken and unwanted items.
  2. Clear the Clutter – Clutter bombards our senses, making it difficult to relax, it distracts us, it tells us our work is never done; it can make us anxious, guilty, depressed and frustrated.
  3. Eliminate un-needed/unwanted items – You love that coffee table but will it fit in your new space and match the décor? Now is the time to find a new home for these items and avoid the headache of dealing with it post-move when you just want to enjoy your new home. Why pay to pack it, pay to move it, pay to unpack it, pay to get rid of it and how many times have you done that before?
  4. Give items a home – Place all the items moving in the correct rooms that they belong in. Avoid opening up a box in the new house labeled kitchen and finding your socks!
  5. Start Packing – get a head start on packing up the items you know you want to keep in your new home, but don’t need regularly.

When you are ready to tackle this list, give Organization & Relocation a call at 303-448-9966. Let us guide you through the process of preparing to move, moving, and getting settled in your new home. Reduce the overwhelm and embrace the new beginning!