HMH Architecture + Interiors and our “Boulder Mountain Home Remodel” were featured on The article titled “Psychology: Why do we buy certain artwork?” explains how we express ourselves in the context of our chosen art objects.

Psychologists who have studied this question have found that there are at least three main aspects that shape selection:
Impact – how does the artwork fits into our daily activities?
Subject – or what are the physical characteristics of an object? Do they correspond with our emotions and memories, or associations of the past?
Approval – who is the author of the work? Does the name mean something for us?

The home featured in the article was designed by HMH Architecture and Interiors for an environmentally conscious family with two small children, a baby on the way, and a six-week old puppy. The couple wanted to brighten and modernize their space. They also wanted a more open floor plan so they could keep on eye on their children while they prepared meals.

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