Design and construction are team processes. The team starts with the owner and architect. From there we bring on a contractor and the various consultants required or desired for your project.

We like to get a contractor involved in the project at the beginning. They provide pricing feedback throughout the development of the design to keep the project on budget. We have worked with many contractors and will recommend two or three contractors who would be a good fit for your project. We then suggest you interview the contractors and select one you feel comfortable with. This does not mean you need to hire this contractor for construction. They are typically willing to provide pricing feedback knowing they will be considered during the bidding process.

Government agencies responsible for your project require certain consultants be involved in your project because their expertise is critical to safety. The type and number required will vary and is most often based on your project’s location, type, and size. Some of the required consultants may include:

• Surveyor • Structural Engineer • Civil Engineer
• Soils and/or Geotech. Engineer • Green Building Consultant • HVAC

It is your choice to bring on other consultants to assist with specialized portions of the project. If appropriate, desired consultants can greatly enhance the design or process of a project including:

• Landscape Architect • Lighting Designer
• Pool Consultant • Acoustic Engineer