How long will it take?

This depends largely on the scope of the project, the client's decision-making timing, financing, etc. Even the most minimal projects, such as a bathroom addition or modest kitchen remodel, can take roughly six to eight months from your first phone call to your last payment to the contractor. For a new home, plan on nine ...

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Can I live in the house during the remodel?

Again, scope plays a big part in the livability of your home during the remodel. Remodels involving kitchens or more than one bath are the most difficult to predict given the relative necessity of these living spaces. You may consider a kitchen remodel during the summer, when you can barbeque, or during a planned extended ...

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How much will it cost?

Phases help determine fee breakdown and billing. Payments of design fees are made monthly as the project progresses. These payments are based on the amount of work completed in that particular month. Our design fees are set at the beginning of a project as either a fixed fee or an hourly fee with an estimated ...

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