The basic tenets to our “green” policy are as follows:

If done well, less can be more or at least equal: right-sized houses and additions are less expensive to build, heat and cool and take less time to clean!

Think sun: We use passive solar planning principles. This means, where possible, we take advantage of the best natural light/ solar heat gain with the siting and orientation of our built work. Obviously, this is easier to do with new homes, where we have the most flexibility to do so, but not to be ignored with additions and remodels.

Thick blanket outside, efficient equipment inside: Super insulation combined with high efficiency heating and cooling systems will reduce your maintenance costs as well as your personal carbon footprint.

Green products: While 6% of all construction-related waste is generated during the initial build-out, a whopping 50% occurs during the typical 70 year period of use & maintenance! The largest impact to waste, as well as the cause of unnecessary spending, comes from the frequent replacement of carpeting, asphalt shingles and fiberglass insulation. Let us put our knowledge to work for you and your budget. We will recommend “greener” and more durable substitutes to normal, everyday building products.

Local Sources: Whenever possible we provide you with product choices found close to home, even reusing salvaged job site materials.

We strive to keep up to date on the latest developments by completing workshops and classes as often as possible. Our staff is LEED accredited and and we are members of the Colorado Green Building Guild.

Ultimately, we’ll work with you to provide the information you need to make the best choices for your home without turning your house into a yurt with outdoor plumbing.