The culinary arts met the visual arts on December 2nd when MCA Denver and Denver’s Id Est hosted Dinner Society, featuring The Wolf’s Tailor and Dos Caras.

Upon arrival we were welcomed with a cocktail and amuse-bouche to set the mood for the night ahead. Next, we received an exclusive tour of the museum’s current exhibition, Cowboy. Following the tour, Chef Alberto Rodriguez and Chef Alejandro Rodriguez from Dos Caras and Chef Kelly Whitaker from The Wolf’s Tailor prepared a three-course dinner experience with curated beverage pairings and meaningful conversation.

Dos Caras is a food concept from Denver ran by brothers Alejandro and Alberto. The name means “two faces” but is a derivative of masks often used in Michoacán ceremonial dances. Their inspiration draws from ancestral Mexican cuisine with maíz at the forefront of their menus. Their utilization of grains native to the Americas allows them to create an experience beyond borders.

Kelly Whitaker is a renowned chef and restaurateur known for his exceptional culinary skills and commitment to sustainability. As the owner and executive chef of Id Est, a group of Michelin One Star restaurants including The Wolf’s Tailor and Bruto, where he has earned Michelin Green Star recognition for his innovative approach to zero waste cooking and menu development. His restaurants have been acclaimed by various publications and he has been acknowledged three times by the James Beard Foundation. Beyond his culinary achievements, Kelly Whitaker is actively involved in community initiatives promoting sustainability, food security, and employee equity. With his commitment to using locally-sourced ingredients and his dedication to making a positive impact, Kelly Whitaker is respected in the culinary world for his sustainable practices and community involvement.

Id Est
Id Est is a visionary hospitality group with a commitment to excellent guest experience and environmental impact. Our restaurant kitchens and bars focus on supporting regenerative agricultural ingredients, specifically by developing a closed loop system for local, heirloom grain. Zero waste principles guide our operations, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint and a dedication to preserving ingredients through our garden and fermentation programs. We prioritize social sustainability, fostering a culture that nurtures and empowers our team, with a goal of creating a balance between excellence and the well-being of all involved.

Big thanks to bulthaup/Kitchen Distributors for generously sponsoring!