custom home design

Custom Home Design

Designing and building a new house lets you get things right from the beginning. Tabula rasa. Unlike remodeling, we don’t have to remold an imperfect fit or correct past mistakes. It’s architecture unfettered. 

But we’re not really starting from a blank slate. We’re starting from where you and your family are and what you need from your home. Your new house is an expression of you and your patterns of home life. So new home design should explore that direct, intimate relationship between architecture and the way your family lives. When we do that well, the architectural vocabulary, style, and spatial relationships of your house emerge in the most functional and beautiful of ways – your new home by HMH Architecture + Interiors will be the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

New home design also presents the opportunity to build excellent energy performance into your new house, ensuring comfort, indoor air quality, and energy savings throughout the home’s long life. And with our keen eye for optimal circulation and use of space, we can right-size your home so that your 2500 SF house feels as functional and spacious as a 4000 SF one.