Predicting Color Trends in Interior Design

Sherwin Williams - Christie DelCiotto

One of the first elements our designers address with clients at the beginning of the design process is color. Choosing the colors you want to live with is one of the most important decisions you will make for your home. Our design team is always on the lookout for new sources of information and inspiration for color, including color forecasters who predict each year’s trends.

On March 30 Leah Civiok, HMH’s Interior Design Director was invited to attend the Sherwin Williams Color(ado) Connects Workshop, hosted by Christie DelCiotto. Workshop participants shared color insights and stories and discussed big picture trends that will impact color over the following year. Discussions include topics you might not think would ever affect the color of your living room! The economy, the environment, politics, sports, demographics, social issues, technology, cultural events, and global affairs all play a role in informing color trend predictions.

Powder pink, Cobalt blue or cream … what will be the upcoming color trends in 2024 and beyond?

Following every trend is usually not the path to the whole home design you will find most appealing. But strengthening extensive knowledge about color and finding inspiration in new ideas is just one way our designers can help you discover how best to communicate your own personal style at home. Whether you choose a subdued neutral palette, a home bursting with vibrant colors, or some combination in between, our unified team of architects and interior designers can help you create color that comforts, soothes, and energizes you each and every day.

Check out Leah’s Color Forecast – Colors that Feed the Soul:

While the world feels full of uncertainty, these colors excite the senses. From the first flowers of Spring to an a Cyber Neon only found in the mad-made world, 2024 will embrace color that gives us a hint of joy, nostalgia and hope.

This trend is driven by nature, advancements in sustainability, health and modern technologies. It is both familiar and unknown.

Marigold Saffron

This fiery yellow-orange hue emotes warmth, happiness, healing and optimism.
Industry Application: Furniture, Cabinetry, Accessories

Saffron Marigold

Purple Frost

This fanciful color usually brings out sentiments of romance, affection, joy and nostalgia.
Industry Application: Furnishings, Lighting, Paint

Frost Purple

Cyber Citron

This color is bright, ultramodern, acidic, and distinctive – begging to be the center of attention.
Industry Application: Accent Furnitur/ Accessories, Ceramics, Accent Trim/ Casework

Cyber Citron

Luna Green

This color is rare in nature and a little bit other-worldly. The fresh vibe speaks to clean living and sustainability.
Industry Application:Cabinetry, Accent Colors, Accessories

Luna Green

Khaki Trenchcoat

This color carries an inherent sense of seriousness and commitment . The cool, casual hue has a timeless, eternal quality to it and a built-in sense of the outdoors.
Industry Application:Walls, Cabinetry, Accessories

Khaki Trenchcoat


This color is associated with warmth, security, and comfort and is frequently associated with material security and material possession.
Industry Application:Walls, Accessories, Cabinetry & Furnishings