Artist: Blaise Simonelli
Insta: @blaise_simonelli_art

Our office has been decked out for the cold winter months by the lovely and talented Blaise Simonelli. Rich colors and texture bring life to these vibrant, abstract paintings. From far away, the paintings have dramatic colorfields. Approaching each piece, the subtle and shifting texture made from layers of paint take the center stage.

Blasie enjoys the challenge of process and progress as an artist:

“The process of an abstract painting is so liberating, yet humiliating, and I think that as humans, we need both! I connect deeply with this sort of expression. Creating it, is even more profound. For me, the magic really happens when someone connects and resonates with the work…giving someone else a meaningful experience, while approaching it from their own story and emotions. Yay!”

All of these paintings are for sale, so if you are in the market for a new piece, we urge you to visit our office and sneak a peak at her wonderful masterpieces.

Thank you so much, Blaise, you are blessed with a wonderful gift.