HMH Architecture & Interiors gives a past-its-prime timber cabin in Boulder a remodel that makes the most of its singular setting.


It’s only 20 minutes from downtown Boulder, but this 40-acre swath of land in the foothills above Chautauqua Park is a slice of nearly untouched Colorado wilderness. And it’s clear—as you peer out the floor-to-ceiling windows of the property’s impeccably renovated 2,700-square-foot home—that the local wildlife appreciates all this open space: Herds of elk wander through in the autumn, joined by bears, mountain lions, bobcats, and the occasional moose. Wild turkeys graze in the meadows, which are dappled with wildflowers, ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, mountain cedar, and old-growth blue spruce. Unobstructed views of Boulder’s Green and Bear peaks and the Sacred Cliffs make it easy to watch storms roll in and out. It’s the kind of place where a person can find some real peace, which is exactly why the homeowners—a couple who recently launched a math-education app after nearly 20 years of working in the science and tech industries—bought the property in 2015.