961 Gapter was designed as a live/work structure to house a residence as well as a space for the owners business.

It was designed to take maximum advantage of the unique qualities of the site. The house is vertically zoned with the living spaces on the third floor. The views and breezes at thirty feet above ground are phenomenal. The office is located on the second floor and cantilevers over the pond. The tubular shape of the second floor frames the view of the mountains and takes advantage of cooling from the water below. The shaded summer deck and entry are above the 100 year flood level and four feet above ground level. Sloping steel columns support the residence above creating a dramatic covered outdoor living space that can be enclosed with mosquito netting.

Solar panels are located on the roof to provide power as well as shade to the roof. Heat pumps use the pond water for heating and cooling of the house. The intention is that this would be a net zero energy house.