We are so proud of the Cherie for being featured in the 5280 Home June/July 2020 issue… Meet a group of forward-thinkers who are transforming Denver into an architecture, real estate, and decorating mecca.


Ever wondered who’s behind Colorado’s transformation into an architecture, real estate, and decorating hot spot? Allow us to introduce you to 15 forward-thinkers shaping the local home industry and feeding our love of beautiful spaces.

The Starchitect: Cherie Goff

WHO: As one of the principals of Boulder’s HMH Architecture + Interiors, Cherie Goff is a champion of modern homes that are livable (i.e., the opposite of ginormous McMansions). Her firm runs Boulder’s Month of Modern, a September-long series of lectures, home tours, and other events celebrating modern design that sells out each year.

WHY: “In the third grade I was asked to write about what I wanted to be and why,” Goff recalls. “I said I wanted to be a teacher so that I could arrange the classroom the way I wanted. Of course, I didn’t know what an architect was, and I would have been a terrible teacher, so I’m glad I found architecture.” Her yen for clean lines may derive from the year the Colorado native spent living in Denmark, and her mantra—“quality over quantity”—has helped shape innumerable timeless homes throughout the region, including a remodel of a 1976 house designed by Charles Haertling.

THE IMPACT: HMH Architecture + Interiors recently won three ASID awards and an AIA award for a geometric folding stair inspired by origami trees. Goff also happens to be a woman helming a largely female firm in a mostly male-driven field (just 37 percent of American architects who completed the core requirements for licensure in 2018 were female).

IN THE WORKS: Goff just designed her own 1,800-square-foot home—which is currently under construction—where a cantilevered “birdhouse” of a living room will offer panoramic views from all sides.