HMH is proud to announce that we received not one, but TWO 2020 Luxe Red Awards on August 27, in a first-ever virtual award ceremony. Our Modern Mountain Cabin project has been awarded in the Restoration or Renovation category. AND….our Modern Stair project was awarded in the Wow-Factor Room category. A Luxe Red Award acknowledges the extraordinary efforts of design professionals and elevates architecture and interior design to a national platform. Congratulations to the project teams for this well-deserved recognition.

About Modern Mountain Cabin

Bear Peak, a picturesque summit in the Front Range Mountains, is close enough to Boulder for commuting and removed enough to enjoy peace and quiet after a day at work. But many of the homes in the area resemble cheap timber lodges—and that worn-out look wasn’t what this tech industry, start-up couple had in mind for themselves.

The biggest challenge was making the space feel larger and creating an interior that matched the current decade. The house had honey-oak cabinetry, popcorn ceilings and was worn and dilapidated. The rooms were compartmentalized into a sequence of inefficient spaces. The entryway lacked presence and the kitchen was dark and dated.

The new design included rearranging the entry sequence, reworking the bedrooms, and relocating the kitchen to the center of the open floor plan. Wood and steel are used throughout and the updated color palette incorporates dark tones to give weight and depth.

The new design addresses the context of the mountain setting and respects it’s 1970s origin. The spaces feel relaxed, comfortable and at peace with the surrounding landscape. . The architecture and design are characterized by a rustic-modern aesthetic that meshes beautifully with the site.

About Modern Stair

Staircases can be more than routes to other levels. They can also ‘wow’ as a design feature and add an architectural statement within a home. This stair takes the ‘wow factor’ to the extreme while offering the minimalist interior of the home something complex, sculptural and striking – a physical and figurative fracture in the architecture.

This folding stair drew inspiration from origami trees: a trunk growing, branching out, and reaching skyward. As you ascend, natural light streams down from the skylight above. The walkway’s zigzag movement encourages pause to take in the beauty of the tower. Each level provides a distinct view of the abstract composition within the ordered plan. The materials—metal, wood, glass—are antithetical, yet compliment the minimal architecture of the home.

The adjacent exterior wall folds in conjunction with the composition of the stair. Made of black brick, the folding plate walls are an enigma in relation to the traditional brick houses in the neighborhood.

From a technical perspective, stairs are one of the most challenging aspects of architecture due to precise dimensioning, restrictive building codes, multiple trades and budget. This unique design required careful planning by a large team of designers, engineers and fabricators.

About the 2020 Luxe Red Awards

Residential Excellence in Design is a submission-based design awards program honoring excellence, innovation and the best residential architecture, interior design and landscape architecture projects from across the country. In conjunction with Luxe Interiors + Design’s Editor-in-Chief and editorial team, a multidisciplinary panel of notable industry experts reviewed submissions of residential projects in nine categories and selected the winners. Each project was evaluated on its own merits according to criteria including aesthetics, regional relevance and creativity. Winners are acknowledged online, via social media, in-book and at events via Luxe’s national platform.