Sloan’s Lake Residence 2017-05-12T20:08:06+00:00

Project Description

Sloan’s Lake Residence

This well considered home expresses the artistic side of the homeowner as a collection of experiential spaces seamlessly joined together. A mix of textures softens clean, masculine edges. And a palette of neutrals is accented with hints of bright color.

On the exterior, the staircase tower takes the spotlight as a large anchoring mass. Made of brick, it represents permanence while tying into neighborhood’s material context.

Inside the tower, the staircase retains the folding shapes, but on a smaller scale. The perforated panels allow the stair to breath and filter light from a massive skylight above. The effect is an anchoring “root” of 2 twisting forms— the lower stair grows from the foundation, weighting the sculpture, while the upper stairs flare skyward, beckoning the observer upward.