Behind the Scenes: Modern Stair Design

Staircases can be much more than a route to other levels. They can also ‘wow’ as a design feature and add a strong architectural statement within the home. Creating something exceptional requires careful thought and extensive planning to ensure they fit into the home. From a technical perspective, stairs are one of the most [...]

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2016 in Review

How in the H-E (LL) Double Hockey Sticks is it about to be 2017? It feel like we JUST rang in the new year, and to know that another year is about to be upon us…. is crazy. Let’s get sentimental and review what a year this has been for HMH. – Throwin’ it [...]

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The Art of Construction Podcast

Neal had a lot of fun talking with Devon Tilly and Kevin Keefe of Mountain View Window and Door in Denver Colorado on their The Art of Construction podcast. As an architect who has worked in various firms, large to small, and also teaches architecture at CU Boulder, Neal has a wide variety of knowledge about [...]

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